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WSRSL Spring 2024
Mindfulness Practice Sessions

Enhance well-being and boost performance in law school with evidence-based mind training.
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Select Tuesdays at 12:45PM in Seminar Room 1
(and live-audio streamed on Zoom for remote participants; see emails for Zoom link)
  • January 16

  • February 13, 27

  • March 12

  • April 9, 23

  • May 7

*additional workshops or changes to the schedule will be announced via email


"Meditation and mindfulness are not just good for us the way things like fish oil are. They actually affect the quality of legal work," Harrell says. "A mindfulness practice makes us better decision-makers, better ethical decision-makers. And that translates into better lawyering."

Terry Harrell, chair of the ABA's Commission on Lawyer Assistance Programs.


"Mindful lawyers who serve as leaders, judges, or other lawmakers are interpreting and shaping law and public policy through the more expansive lenses shaped by their enhanced capacities for perspective-taking. In doing so, they are creating law and policy that looks and feels more like justice in the world."

Rhonda Magee, mindfulness in law pioneer, author, professor at law


*email Noah at with any questions about how to start a mindfulness  practice and confront challenges that may arise along the way.

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