build resilience and reduce stress & anxiety with mindfulness in a live online course

Join IMTA certified professional mindfulness teacher Noah Pomeroy for an interactive six-week live online course featuring UCLA's signature evidence-based mindfulness curriculum. Make mindfulness part of your life.

UCLA Mindful Awareness Practices for Daily Living (MAPs 1)

january 10 - february 14, 2021

Registration accepted through January 15 

dates and times
  • Beginning on Sunday, January 10 at 3PM Pacific, 1pm Hawaii Time, 6PM Eastern, class meets six Sundays in a row for 2 hours, live online via Zoom

WHAT students have said...

"It is not easy for both students and instructors to have a zoom class for 2 hours. I felt that the classes are totally engaging and relaxing. Thank you, Noah, for the very important and wonderful classes."


This class is offered on a sliding scale. Please pay at the highest level of the sliding scale that you can afford. This allows others who need to pay less the opportunity to attend.

supporting rate - $200

This rate covers the cost of running the course and also includes compensation for the teacher’s time and helps provide for those that must pay the hardship rate or that apply for a scholarship.

base rate - $125

This rate covers some of the costs of offering the course, including web-hosting fees and the teacher’s training and certification expenses but does not include compensation for the teacher’s time in preparing and delivering the course.

economic hardship rate - $75

This rate is subsidized by the teacher to make the course available to those who lack the means to pay more for the course or are in the midst of an economic hardship.

each class includes
  • lecture and slideshow
  • Q &A and discussion
  • guided practice
  • breakout rooms
About ucla maps 1

Mindful Awareness Practices classes are the signature evidenced-based educational programs of the UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center. These classes are designed for the public and no experience with mindfulness is necessary to enroll. 


Mindful Awareness Practices (MAPs 1) lays the foundation for students to understand the fundamental concepts of mindfulness, develop a personal meditation practice, and apply mindfulness in daily life.  MAPs 1 is an excellent introduction for those new to mindfulness and is helpful for experienced practitioners that are interested in a structured refresher. The course is taught in a supportive online community with a maximum of 30 students.  Each class is a combination of lecture, guided practice, and group dialogue.  MAPs 1 is helpful for people of all backgrounds and religions and is suitable for ages 16 and over.


Class meets for a single 2 hour session each week for six weeks. Students are encouraged to complete daily meditation practice starting at five minutes per day and working up to twenty minutes per day by the end of the course. Students may download the free app "UCLA Mindful" smartphone app that includes access to guided meditations.


These mindfulness concepts will be covered: Overview of Mindfulness, Mindfulness of the Body, Obstacles to Mindfulness, Mindfulness to Help with Physical Pain, Working with Difficult Emotions, Cultivating Positive Emotions, Working with Difficult Thoughts, Mindful Interactions.


These mindfulness practices will be guided: Sitting Meditation, Eating Meditation, Daily life Meditations, Relational Mindfulness, Walking Meditation, Standing Meditation, Movement Meditation, Practices to Develop Positive Emotions

This course will be held via Zoom, a free application that you can use to participate from any device. A laptop or iPad is recommended for the best experience.


I look forward to practicing with you!


continuing education credits available
Continuing Education credits (CEs) are available for psychologists and nurses in most US states. Please email to confirm that the CEs will work for where you are licensed prior to registration.
WHAT students have said...

"Noah was an excellent instructor who is well prepared for the classes and very responsive to the comments, questions, and needs of the students. I think the program is thoughtfully developed and is an excellent way to enter into mindfulness and meditation. "

"I appreciate Noah’s embodiment of the practices of mindfulness and his gentle encouragement to start from where we are. "

join us for this six week course to learn the powerful practice of mindfulness

WHAT collaborators have said...

"Noah Pomeroy is an extremely effective and particularly accessible mindfulness guide. For a week-long backpacking trip in Montana, he served as a backcountry mindfulness guide for four adult leaders (including myself), as well as nine high school students. Under his guidance, our intergenerational team became profoundly grounded in the wilderness, connecting to the natural world, to one another, and to ourselves in ways none of us had previously experienced. His matter-of-fact, practical approach was welcome and refreshing to those of us who previously viewed mindfulness as best defined by “breathy aloofness.” Noah is quite the opposite--he is down to earth, funny, and open. Most importantly, he models a thoughtful vulnerability and a clear-minded intentionality that is absolutely invaluable to our growth as humans. "

--Christina Hoe, Director of Experiential Learning, Le Jardin Academy


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