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Camille Nelson Testimonial Headshot.png
Camille Nelson, Dean and Professor of Law
University of Hawaii at Manoa William S. Richardson School of Law

"I am grateful for Noah’s expertise as a Mindfulness Facilitator. I highly recommend his sessions, which are as informative, as they are restorative and healing.  Noah has not only immersed himself in the science and literature on mindfulness and meditation but, as a gifted and expert practitioner, he has done so with a particular focus on our profession and community. As such, he has been incredibly thoughtful about increasing our capacities, decreasing stress, and building resilience, both professionally and personally."

Steph profile shot for testimonial.jpg
Steph, Founder, WORK DOT DOT

"Noah is an exceptional mindfulness facilitator and thought leader. He has the ability to meet fellow meditators where they are, for personal and customized growth. Whether you are at a beginner or advanced level in your practice, Noah's approachable insights, vast compassion, and relatable experiences are highly valuable. As someone who integrates mindfulness into daily life and organizational excellence, I highly recommend Noah for both personal enrichment and professional development."


"Noah Pomeroy is an extremely effective and particularly accessible mindfulness guide. For a week-long backpacking trip in Montana, he served as a backcountry mindfulness guide for four adult leaders (including myself), as well as nine high school students. Under his guidance, our intergenerational team became profoundly grounded in the wilderness, connecting to the natural world, to one another, and to ourselves in ways none of us had previously experienced. His matter-of-fact, practical approach was welcome and refreshing to those of us who previously viewed mindfulness as best defined by “breathy aloofness.” Noah is quite the opposite--he is down to earth, funny, and open. Most importantly, he models a thoughtful vulnerability and a clear-minded intentionality that is absolutely invaluable to our growth as humans. "

Christina Hoe, Director of Experiential Learning
Le Jardin Academy
Amy pic 2.jpg

"I highly recommend the meditations led by Noah Pomeroy who is devoted to helping people ease their minds and lives through mindfulness. His UCLA training is unique, but more so his kindness and ability to lead people to those special brain waves that truly relax your mind as a deep nap does so that you are not only refreshed, but encouraged and recharged to walk through the world. It takes special leaders to provide healing through your mindfulness practice, and Noah Pomeroy is one of those people. "

Amy Brown, Professor
University of HawaiiJohn A Burns School of Medicine
Sean Landau Profile.jpg

"I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to co-create and share a vision for mindfulness practice with students from Le Jardin Academy during a week long course. Noah’s authentic and non-judgemental character fostered genuine connections with our students. Noah presents an understanding of mindfulness practice that is concise and accessible for participants of all ages. He creates a calm space that feels safe for students to learn and practice the skills. It was a privilege to work with and learn from Noah and look forward to future opportunities to work together again! "

Sean Landau, Counselor
Le Jardin Academy

"Noah's Intro to Mindfulness workshop was informative and a nice balance of supporting research, insights from his own experiences and exercises for us to try. That combination allowed us to get a taste of what he was talking about for ourselves and provided opportunities for us to connect. I really appreciated how he incorporated relatable material into his talk after we spoke about what our particular youth program is all about. His presentation pace is a good fit for mindfulness; our group found it relaxing and yet he was able to keep our attention. He presented the topics in an approachable way and was asked by our interns to return to teach us some more. Well done!"

Mayling Chung, HYCC Community Program Staff

“I had the privilege of completing the MAPS 1 training with Noah to reinvigorate my mindfulness practice. I was really happy to see how the class was structured, covering different ways that mindfulness can be used to help with everyday challenges in life. Even though I had studied mindfulness in the past, I learned a lot in Noah’s course. The class was appropriate for beginners and experienced individuals who need a reboot into mindfulness. And now I am back to a daily mindfulness practice!”

Leah Brew, Professor of Counseling
California State University Fullerton

"Noah has been a great asset in helping me to get the Pause Space on University of Hawaii Manoa campus going which I very much appreciate.  Several students have repeatedly come back for his guided meditation sessions which indicate that they found his presence and instructions to be very beneficial. He is very committed to sharing mindfulness practices to a larger and wider community audience.  "

Thao Le, Professor
University of Hawaii at Manoa

"Noah’s Intro to Mindfulness Meditation sessions at University of Hawaii at Manoa was an awesome learning experience and very helpful in getting me in the right state of mind in relaxing both mentally and spiritually. As a doctorate student at UH Manoa, I cannot emphasize enough how much Noah’s mindfulness meditation sessions have helped me get through the stressful times I've experienced last semester in Fall 2018. It has seriously helped calm my mind and focus on the present without getting too stressed about school, work, deadlines, etc. I still practice mindfulness meditation sessions to this day thanks to Noah’s guidance."

Sequoia, Post-Graduate Student
University of Hawaii at Manoa
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