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Hawai‘i needs more mindful leaders to take on our ever growing challenges. Join us for free (you get your $20 back when you attend!) monthly sessions to practice mindfulness based on the latest science of well-being and performance. 


Mindful leadership begins with you. Whether you want to learn to lead yourself with mindfulness or wish to bring it into the way you lead others, you are welcome to join us.


Develop clarity on what really matters. Boost your emotional intelligence. Respond, rather than react. Reign in anxiety and practice compassion. Become more effective at reaching your goals. 


Sessions are facilitated by IMTA Certified Professional Mindfulness Teacher Noah Pomeroy, and include an introduction, a 10-15 minute guided mindfulness practice period, post-practice sharing/discussion and time for people to casually connect.


No experience with mindfulness is necessary. These sessions are open to anyone to attend. Masks are 100% welcome, but not required. Space is limited.

​Does mindfulness belong in Hawai‘i?


Much of the wisdom of mindfulness has been here for many centuries.  Mindfulness helps nurture this wisdom that is already here.  To quote a professor Noah worked with at the University of Hawai‘i, "Mindfulness in Hawai‘i can nurture individual and collective consciousness to respond with Aloha, thereby recovering the Native Hawaiian spirit on the islands.” Dr. Thao Le and Pono Shim, "Mindfulness and the aloha response"​

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I am grateful for Noah’s expertise as a Mindfulness Facilitator. I highly recommend his sessions, which are as informative, as they are restorative and healing.  Noah has not only immersed himself in the science and literature on mindfulness and meditation but, as a gifted and expert practitioner, he has done so with a particular focus on our profession and community. As such, he has been incredibly thoughtful about increasing our capacities, decreasing stress, and building resilience, both professionally and personally. 

--Camille Nelson, Dean and Professor

University of Hawaii William S. Richardson School of Law