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Mindfulness Training for a Resilient Hawai'i

Noah delivers game-changing mindfulness training to diverse organizations across Hawai‘i. Drawing from the latest scientific research, he empowers local businesses and institutions to flourish by integrating modern mindfulness practices that resonate with the ancestral wisdom of Hawaiʻi. His approach fosters a culture of aloha, promoting community care and well-being. From dynamic workshops to comprehensive multi-week courses and ongoing employee support programs, Noah is passionate about guiding Hawai‘i's organizations towards their highest potential through mindfulness.

Hawaiʻi Leadership Forum

Noah is currently co-creating a leadership training course with Kūhaʻo Zane that blends mindfulness and Hawaiian wisdom to help leaders overcome the crisis of disconnection with ʻāina, with self and with others that is at the root of myriad environmental and social challenges they seek to confront.

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US Army Hawaiʻi

Noah has worked with the US Army Hawaii to foster resilience and well-being in the US Army SHARPs program.

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William S. Richardson School of Law

Noah has worked with the UH Law School since 2020, offering mindfulness training to help students, faculty and staff cultivate well-being and effectiveness through evidence-based mindfulness practices. Currently he leads weekly mindfulness training sessions for the WSRSL community. 

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Mindfulness in Prison at the Halawa Correctional Facility

Noah volunteered for 1.5 years sharing mindfulness with incarcerated men at Halawa Correctional Facility as part of the Prison Dharma program started by Robert Aitken Roshi decades ago.

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Sensei Lānaʻi

A Four Seasons Resort

Noah provides evidence-based mindfulness training to individual clients and groups at Sensei Lānaʻi, A Four Seasons Resort.

Chamber of Commerce Hawaiʻi Young Professionals

Noah encourages the members of the business world to practice mindfulness to create stronger businesses that support our island community

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Universtiy of Hawaiʻi

at Manoa

Since 2017, Noah has offered mindfulness training on the UH Manoa campus, leading group sessions, 1:1 sessions and teaching a semester-long Advanced Mindfulness class.

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Le Jardin Academy

Noah is currently providing a 3 month mindful leadership training course for the Le Jardin Academy Deans and co-lead a 4 day mindfulness immersion program for students at the school in 2020.

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