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Mindfulness Programs to Create Thriving Organizations

Boost wellness, strengthen culture and ignite performance with Noah's evidence based mindfulness programs.


Noah specializes in crafting customized mindfulness training programs for organizations committed to nurturing a positive work culture and genuinely supporting employee wellness, learning and development. With evidence-based programming delivered in-person or online, these tailored initiatives can be delivered across all staff or personalized for select leaders aiming to elevate their leadership skills through enhanced presence, authenticity, and compassion. Through multi-week training programs and ongoing retainer agreements, organizations can experience the transformative benefits of mindfulness, including reduced stress, improved focus and attention, enhanced creativity, and heightened emotional intelligence. By investing in mindfulness initiatives, organizations showcase a dedication to employee development and long-term success, reaping dividends that extend far into the future.


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“Our company was looking for a way to bring a wellness & mindfulness endeavor to our team.  We were fortunate enough to have been introduced to Noah Pomeroy and we could not have been more pleased with the results. The seven-week mindfulness program was received greatly by those that participated.  It was a great opportunity to spend an hour a day with one another not talking work but focusing on bettering ourselves.  The positive experiences in the post seminar survey reinforced our leadership team that we had made a wise decision in hiring Noah and his team."

Karl Hawkins / Principle / Leavitt Pacific Insurance Brokers

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Elevate Wellbeing

  • reduce stress

  • reduce anxiety

  • reduce distraction

  • build resilience

  • lower blood pressure

  • reduce health care costs

Strengthen Leadership & Culture

  • enhance emotional intelligence

  • reduce reactivity

  • enhance empathy

  • elevate creativity

  • create leaders that teams love

  • foster authenticity, presence and compassion


  • improve recruitment and retention

  • improve focus

  • reduce mind wandering

  • increase engagement

  • decrease absenteeism

  • promote better decision making


"I am grateful for Noah’s expertise as a Mindfulness Facilitator. I highly recommend his sessions, which are as informative, as they are restorative and healing.  Noah has not only immersed himself in the science and literature on mindfulness and meditation but, as a gifted and expert practitioner, he has done so with a particular focus on our profession and community. As such, he has been incredibly thoughtful about increasing our capacities, decreasing stress, and building resilience, both professionally and personally. "

Camille Nelson / Dean and Professor of Law / University of Hawaii at Manoa William S. Richardson School of Law

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"The mindfulness program led by Noah was a transformative experience for my team, fostering a deeper sense of cohesion, empathy, and thoughtfulness in our daily interactions. It has instilled in us a shared vocabulary of mindfulness that we continuously draw upon to navigate the complexities of our work with greater harmony and understanding. "

Alex Ramsvig / Head of Secondary / Le Jardin Academy

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Our programs are not designed to check an obligatory “wellness training provided box.” We love to work with organizations and leaders that are truly committed to the wellbeing  and development of their teams.

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