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1:1 Mindfulness Training Programs
that Will Change the Game

Are you ready to experience the positive changes that come with a consistent mindfulness practice?


Do you aspire to align your personal and professional life with your highest values?

Are you willing to be courageous in pursuing these goals and willing to be held accountable to reach them?

If you answered "yes" to these questions, we invite you to inquire below to schedule an introductory session with Noah.

Take the first step towards a more fulfilling personal life and more effective work life. 

Client Testimonials

Valerie coaching client_edited.jpg

"I believe that learning is in the reflection.  During our one to one sessions, Noah honored and valued my personal reflections while encouraging me on the path.  He is an excellent listener and our shared reflections led to growth and resilience in my practice.  He also encouraged me to use mindful metta toward myself and others.  I am forever grateful."

Valerie B.

"I am so pleased to have found Noah Pomeroy’s website and an invitation to contact him concerning mindfulness training. With his guidance I have begun to understand the basic principles of mindfulness, and to value incorporating meditation as part of a daily wellness routine. His inviting and encouraging manner during our weekly sessions provided the support and feedback I needed to help me explore various techniques of mindfulness meditation. The experiences and resources he left with me will allow me to continue my growth and practice independently.  I am forever grateful."


Steph profile shot for testimonial 2023.png

"Noah is an exceptional mindfulness facilitator and thought leader. He has the ability to meet fellow meditators where they are, for personal and customized growth. Whether you are at a beginner or advanced level in your practice, Noah's approachable insights, vast compassion, and relatable experiences are highly valuable. As someone who integrates mindfulness into daily life and organizational excellence, I highly recommend Noah for both personal enrichment and professional development."

Steph Paislee

Founder, Coach, Consultant


1:1 Mindfulness Training Programs Overview

After you submit your application, you'll be added to the waiting list for an initial call to explore how effective we will be working together. If we proceed, I'll suggest a custom tailored mindfulness training program to meet your specific goals. We will meet via phone or Zoom meeting once per week for 50 minutes or at a maximum once every two weeks for a 2 month period. I offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee for all 1:1 work. 


What Clients Are Saying

Camille Nelson Testimonial Headshot.png

"I am grateful for Noah’s expertise as a Mindfulness Facilitator. I highly recommend his sessions, which are as informative, as they are restorative and healing.  Noah has not only immersed himself in the science and literature on mindfulness and meditation but, as a gifted and expert practitioner, he has done so with a particular focus on our profession and community. As such, he has been incredibly thoughtful about increasing our capacities, decreasing stress, and building resilience, both professionally and personally."

Camille Nelson

Dean and Professor of Law, University of Hawaii at Manoa William S. Richardson School of Law

Noah’s Intro to Mindfulness Meditation sessions at University of Hawaii at Manoa was an awesome learning experience and very helpful in getting me in the right state of mind in relaxing both mentally and spiritually. As a doctorate student at UH Manoa, I cannot emphasize enough how much Noah’s mindfulness meditation sessions have helped me get through the stressful times I've experienced last semester in Fall 2018. It has seriously helped calm my mind and focus on the present without getting too stressed about school, work, deadlines, etc. I still practice mindfulness meditation sessions to this day thanks to Noah’s guidance.


University of Hawaii at Manoa Post-Graduate Student

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