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covid-19 update: I will be re-scheduling my april ucla maps class online. please sign up for my newsletter below if you would like to know when it is scheduled and for access to free live guided mindfulness sessions i'll be holding during the pandemic. 

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Noah's passion for mindfulness is rooted in over a decade of personal practice and years of teaching mindfulness to diverse audiences. Noah is a UCLA trained mindfulness facilitator and is a certified professional level mindfulness teacher by the International Mindfulness Teachers Association.


"Noah's Intro to Mindfulness workshop was informative and a nice balance of supporting research, insights from his own experiences and exercises for us to try. That combination allowed us to get a taste of what he was talking about for ourselves and provided opportunities for us to connect. I really appreciated how he incorporated relatable material into his talk after we spoke about what our particular youth program is all about. His presentation pace is a good fit for mindfulness; our group found it relaxing and yet he was able to keep our attention. He presented the topics in an approachable way and was asked by our interns to return to teach us some more. Well done!" 

--Mayling Chung, HYCC Community Program Staff

In the board room or the wilderness, This Moment Mindfulness provides you with the training you and your team need to develop a mindfulness practice for more calm, clarity and connection.