Wondering if Mindfulness Training is Right for Your Team?
Trying to Start Your Own Practice? Yeah, it can be tough!

Noah's drive for sharing for mindfulness is rooted in over a decade of personal practice and years of teaching mindfulness to diverse audiences. Noah is a UCLA trained mindfulness facilitator and a Certified Mindfulness Teacher - Professional Level by the International Mindfulness Teachers Association.


"Noah Pomeroy is an extremely effective and particularly accessible mindfulness guide. For a week-long backpacking trip in Montana, he served as a backcountry mindfulness guide for four adult leaders (including myself), as well as nine high school students. Under his guidance, our intergenerational team became profoundly grounded in the wilderness, connecting to the natural world, to one another, and to ourselves in ways none of us had previously experienced. His matter-of-fact, practical approach was welcome and refreshing to those of us who previously viewed mindfulness as best defined by “breathy aloofness.” Noah is quite the opposite--he is down to earth, funny, and open. Most importantly, he models a thoughtful vulnerability and a clear-minded intentionality that is absolutely invaluable to our growth as humans. "

--Christina Hoe, Director of Experiential Learning, Le Jardin Academy

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In the board room or the wilderness, This Moment Mindfulness provides you with the training you and your team need to develop a mindfulness practice for more calm, clarity and connection. 


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